Recycling spill leads to a little more faith in humanity and bad cinema.

Who needs Upworthy or Buzzfeed when one can just ride the streets of San Francisco then spend hours in front of the computer with spreadsheets.

Come on people now.

When a person, a human being, is walking in a crosswalk don’t drive at them. Stop your car and wait. Not even going to talk about it.

Now it just so happens that the other day as I was riding my bike down Market Street in this Prius driving impatient money loving town with flowers its well tended gardens that a man pushing a shopping cart overflowing its rims with glass and plastic bottles collected from our garbage cans of gluttony hit a snag pushing onto the sidewalk after crossing Octavia Boulevard. The contents of his cart spilled into the road. The light turned green for the cars streaming off the freeway. The man stepped out into oncoming traffic knelt down and began to pick up his bottles.  He was noticeably drunk, so his progress was deliberate and slow. The cars sped by him, but trapped by his position in his lane was a Prius. I really thought he would be beeped at and run over…as sharing the road with Prius drivers has led me to believe that some, well lots, but not all (some of my best friends drive Prius’) are cold hearted impatient cads. This driver sat in the middle of Market Street waiting for this man to pick up each bottle and get them back into his cart. The light turned green against the driver in the middle of the intersection and the man still a bottle to go. The driver held steady, endured beeps without returning them.

The moment just sent my brain here.

which then made me think well doesn’t Aerosmith do that in that wonderful film which I now need to watch..(don’t do that, just remember it.)

which then made me think that sounds an aweful lot like that band in the other great cinematic masterpiece Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas

Thank you Prius driver. Drive on.




~ by asmallfryup on March 4, 2014.

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