Dinosours in the rain.

Taking leave from the bitch and moan to enjoy San Francisco in the rain. Yes, this town is changing. The new is eating the old and putting up an amusement park and I feel like a picture of local color from a guide book.

But, in the rain. This town IS magic. Tourists, techies, dinosaurs and all.


Getting off BART at 16th and Mission a busker’s voice softly blanketed the station and beyond with Daniel Johnson’s True Love Will Find You In The End causing me to make my way through an obstacle course of kissing couples with umbrellas at dangerous angles. Off the escalator on 16th I was greeted by wobbling drunks with waving hands and sloppy smiles angling for a hug – I opted for the high five. Out on the street a man in a mini van was bumping the BeeGees Stayin’ Alive. Which really might be the only song in the whole wide world that can cause anyone at anytime to dance with strangers. Always.


I stopped at Arinell’s for a slice because it tastes better in the rain. I’d even say it is good when it rains. Inside the pizza guys were talking about Ronald Reagan and listening to the Sex Pistols.

San Francisco.

In the rain.

Your age shows.

And you look beautiful.

The new kids don’t look so hot.

They look wet like everyone else.

And, the dinosaurs occupy your streets.



In the end it will be the fog and rain that will keep me here with you my dear cold hearted fickle town.


Daniel Johnson’s Tiny Desk Concert is so perfect in the rain.








~ by asmallfryup on February 28, 2014.

3 Responses to “Dinosours in the rain.”

  1. Great post, i’m glad to be a part of it – I’m the busker who was singing “True Love…” at 16th St. BART. Thank you for risking injury to support street music!

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