The Mouse That Stopped Traffic: A Feel Good San Francisco Tale.

mouse in a car


The cold has descended upon our fair little city by The Bay. Which has all of us bundled up out on the streets chasing the sun, since it is warmer out there than in our drafty, no insolation homes. I do wonder if the new rental prices include insulation? I am classifying today as an indoor 3 hoodie scarf and gloves – outdoor 2 hoodie, hat, gloves, scarf and coat day.

For a while now I have been struggling to keep faith in this town I call home. San Francisco, the lusty fog clad lady with sunshine between her thighs, who callously ignores her lovers who hang on like dinosaurs not knowing they are extinct and unwanted as she greedily lures new one’s leaving the discarded with an empty ‘hello, it’s nice to see you, i’m busy but, let’s get together soon okay’ anyway…

Since I am lucky enough to have rent control I won’t be headed out of town so I have been in great need of confirmation that San Francisco did not eat her heart and insert a characterless clone in its place. Valencia street looks like Union Square South and my friends have moved to Oakland, which has been named cooler by those in the know in UK – and we all know those folks know cool. But, watch out Oaklandia…it is already too late – you are being gobbled up too. (I do wish this influx of money and capitol would lead to better schools and not just better eateries and barber shops, then I WOULD STOP FREAKING COMPLAINING ABOUT EMPTY GENTRIFICATION!!!.)–meet-san-franciscos-cooler-cousin-8975087.html

So, it was in this sad of spirit state that I found myself upon my trusty green Schwinn riding from Mission Bay to Bernal Heights when mayhem broke out on the corner of 25th and Folsom, and not the kind you would expect over there. It was mayhem that brought people together and made us cross boundaries of race, language, age, class, bike, car and pedestrian to hug, jump, scream and laugh on all four corners of the intersection as well as in the cars! That doesn’t not happen too often in this town. This was caused by a mouse. A very small mouse.

As a digression I need to share this flyer. Because this is pretty much right where this event, with the mouse happened. If you are not familiar with the plight of this neighborhood. It has been, and still is a pretty hard place. Wounderland it is a wee less these days, but it sure has a past. The huge tall looming projects were torn down back in the 90’s and in their place was built smaller units that look kinda like non-project housing in that trying not to look like project housing kind of way…the people here they didn’t get rebuilt and served new lives, so there are still problems…funny how that works – you don’t invest in people’s neighborhoods other that to change them into places that ‘those people’ don’t live in anymore. – but, still I digress, we are here to talk about a mouse. A mouse that stopped traffic!


So there I was riding my bike feeling a bit down when I got to the corner of 25th and Folsom. On the corner closest to me was a woman talking loud in Spanish on her cell phone and a woman and small small small dog. On the corner opposite them was a family of 4. Two small children, mom and pops. Everything was going fine and all of us were conveniently and politely ignoring each other waiting our chance to cross when……out of nowhere pops a mouse! A small mouse, smaller than the small dog even.


This little thing runs into the street and a Big Black Town Car swerves and stops in the intersection yelling into his phone, the lady on the phone jumps and screams and hugs the woman with the dog as the mouse runs at her. Then the mouse runs at me I pick up my feet, hop the bike out of the way and run into the car next to me. The man in the car is yelling “what is going on???”  I scream, “A MOUSE!!!” He bursts out laughing so hard he crys and bangs his horn I guess to join the noise! The mouse darts back out into the intersection just as the Town Car starts to go. Which stops the car again. The Dad on the corner and his young daughter are hollering out a play by play jumping and pointing, and she is cheering for the mouse to get out of the street. “Run mousey run!!!” The mouse darts all the way across the street keeping everyone at a standstill till the daughter yells SHE MADE IT!!!!!! Even the Town Car driver laughed as he finally drove out of the intersection.


Thanks little mouse you gave me faith in the humanness of my town again.




~ by asmallfryup on December 5, 2013.

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