The set up.

This young long haired guy all dressed in nice jeans and a sweet fitted black utility kind of jacket holding a skateboard paces around me slowly a few times as I am parking my bike to pick my son up from camp. His friends are a bit away leaning on the fence looking into the playground. I put my bike at the top of the steps and go to walk into the playground. He stops me and points at my bike.
Him:”um, can I ask you something?”
Me: “sure.”

He takes an tortuously S L O W survey of the ramp. He looks back at the sidewalk, stares at a scuffed spot on the wall and then bends down and puts his hand about 4 inches back from where my backwheel is, looks up at me and states very slowly: “What would you think if your backwheel was let’s say….right here?” I respond, “Do you mean my frame should be extended? or you want me to move my bike back so you can skate the ramp?” He stares at me, then looks at his friends in what seems like shock: “Yes to Skate.” Then staring at the scuffed spot on the wall with intensity he states with certainty, “I am interested in this spot right here.” His friends all nod and he moves my bike back four inches.

When I ask him if he would like me to move the bike out the way he looks at me like I am crazy and says emphatically, but sweetly like he is talking to a dunce, “No, I like it right there.”

All the friends stand silently at the fence, fingers holding the links squinting into the late afternoon sun as he paces his route angling the skateboard in his hand. None of them have cameras out. There is no talking going on.

After extracting my son from a game of basketball we head out of the playground to head home. As we walk up the ramp the I guess the skateboarder has finally decided upon his line. He drops his board to the sidewalk takes his big first push then sees us walking up and aborts his ride just in time. He apologies for not seeing us.

I apologize for having to take my bike. He nods.


~ by asmallfryup on June 15, 2012.

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