Thunder in SF. The joy. The pain. The sunshine. The rain. Friend’s Music.

Yesterday was Thursday the 12th. That day was like walking through old honey dressed in a snowsuit; odd, cumbersome and something I wouldn’t chose to do again. I nearly got run down by a man racing down the street in those 5 toed shoes when his dog went one way round a tree and he went the other. Blam they landed in a pile at my feet. I saw a unicycle scooter ridden by a different man in those same shoes, with a man purse…I wrote a check the IRS and then looked at my bank balance and the state of the union my tax dollars go too, sent emails to the wrong people, lost things, broke things and and and I tried to blame Mercury, but it is MARS that is direct and playing the shadow of Mercury’s past retrograde.. But, then thankfully there was a storm unleashed in SF with thunder and lightening and buckets of rain. The shit was swept off the sidewalks and the air smells sweet and clean and I even got my kid to school on time! Today is Friday the 13th. I love Friday the 13ths as a rule. The celebrate the contrary. They ask for adventure. I think they just set things straight. Outta the cleansing of the rain comes the sorta sunshine of today….and these songs from friends sound like that.

To begin, The Sandwitches. If you have never heard of this amazing trio of San Francisco ladies change that right now. I snuck out in the crazy thunder, lightening and rain last night in SF to see them play. Here is some sunshine after rain perfection with guitars and drums.
My Heart Does Swell – played in the bathroom at the Shattuck Down Low

Over in NYC, but staying with that playing off the stage theme are The Jigglers. My besty from gownin up plays bass. I love them. Especially when they play in front of shoes and in between clothing racks and sing about rain and stuff loud and raucously. And they sound a bit like the storm of last night in SF.

Staying with that hometown glory theme brings me to Vintage Trouble and Ty Taylor (who I’ve happily heard sing since elementary school – i am lucky!). Slow and all about love…sun after rain and rain after sun and on and on.

Back on the local front is Terri Weist. I am so glad this lady is recording songs again. She and her guitar sing songs that make me want to stay in with candles, scotch and chocolate,clean out the closet, scrub the floor, take a bath and make the inside world right as rain and juicy like all the sides of love.
Three Timing Man

And last but not least for the day is this one. It made me so happy in the midst of rain, thunder and things just breaking and spilling and emails and shit going askew. It sounded to me kinda like maybe after the rain had gone one Sunday afternoon Sabbath’s bass player Geezer Bulter met my Gran Heba when she dressed as a fortune teller and had a picnic with her and her strawberry rhubarb pie, chicken diVAN, tarot cards and tea leaves..
Aaron Novik Warfarin

And, I know if we met we’d be friends. And walk around in the haze of dry ice singing together.
The joy. The pain. The sunshine. The rain.

enjoy. thanks for the music friends.
love you


~ by asmallfryup on April 13, 2012.

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