YEESH. Baybee it is frickalickcoldass grey outside and speak out for free speech!

Happy New Year. Been a grand while since I have been in this spot. Hi.

In true San Francisco style I am sitting inside my drafty flat wearing multiple hoodies huddled around a steaming cup of tea typing into a laptop ‘freely’ searching the internet wondering what the nearly universal disdain of San Francisco’s housing stock builders was for such practical good things like insulation and radiator heat was about. Was it to make us more hearty? To drag us out to coffee shops and clubs to huddle in hoodies and wooly hats coldly together wondering why there was not heat there either? To foster camaraderie on the 14 Mission at 3:30 in the afternoon – when we complain about the stifling heat?????

I wonder. And, I have no answer save in laughter and song both I can find freely on this thing called cyberspace – a reminder to stand up and shout out for the things that are important….free speech is one! Yesterday’s Day of Action against SOPA/PIPA was a beauty to behold. The million signatures to recall Wisoncon’s Scott Walker another.

In true SF celebrate the ironic style I am procrastinating from the work I need to do to pay my rent, as well as avoiding my New Year’s Resolution which I heard whilst listening freely upon the internet to the Speeches of Martin Luther King Jr. the other day, when I should have been earning my dollars – and I heard him say…”Procrastination is the thief of time…” so, well with out further rambles I leave with the links below. Enjoy. xo

In laughter and truth I point you to my fellow yoga teacher and beloved belly warming cynic Mark Morford:

How to survive an SF cold snap

In song I give you some good lawdy slow blues and some good lewdy love. Because both will keep you warm enough…

Sonny Boy Williams … the snaps at the end are slaying me down.

The Intimitable Lucille Bogan. Free (and rather explicit) speech.

If the above does not inspire perhaps Muhammad Ali ….

If we don’t stand up for ourselves then the above will turn into the below…..


~ by asmallfryup on January 19, 2012.

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