Dub Mission & I want you to want me

For the record…I want you to want me, I NEEEEEEED you to NEEEEEEED me…doesn’t work on dancefloor of life…but, dancing might.

Last night I went to one of my favorite parties in San Francisco. The long standing ever fun Dub Mission. For years I’ve been enjoying residents DJ Sep, (who I heart in multiples of billions for her amazing deep and eclectic collection of Dub and her seemingly total refusal to ever match a beat or smooth you from song to song it is like a full on enthusiastic tour of ooooooh check this out!) Maneesh the Twister, Ludichris, J-Boogie, and Vinnie Esparza.

Just a little PSA:

They’ve got the amazing Poirier coming Sunday September 25! be there, don’t miss that boy! My son, who is a really a pop meets, easy listening hip hop and alt country kinda kid who controls the radio whenever we are in a car did not unplug the ipod when Poirier’s mixes came on…he said LOUDER!)

For whatever reason it is always a funny little meat market in that low ceilinged room. It is though the boys are desperately grasping for the lub rub they missed through the work week and didn’t manage to conjure up on Friday or Saturday. Except for the boys who come to dance and there are always a few with slow sweet dubbing steps that will dance dance dance without that desparado touch touch lemme kiss you now grope-de-grope going on. I love those boys and have danced many a Sunday night away learning some new moves and loving the contact high of it all (and some red stripe.)

Last night while dancing with my friend the inevitable hey you are a female dancing without a male rubbing on you already onslaught began with an earnist young fellow clutching his drink and doing a little sway kind of dance staring at me. Ok, dudes…if you want to dance with a gal – you should be dancing not staring and swaying. I did the simple turn your back and move away. But, this one was not deterred. He followed me around the dance floor. I avoided him and a few others who got the picture sooner. But, this one fellow, he was determined. So finally I stopped and said, “Hi. I am not going to dance with you. I came here to dance free and not be picked up by anyone. You can dance near me, but you have to dance and not lurk.” He clutched his drink more and just stared at me.

My heart just melted for this guy – a young Indian fellow in fresh pressed brown shirt and thick thick accent and a sunken in chest…as a Yoga Teacher, when I see that my heart wants to reach out and not just correct the bad posture, but give space to heal the afrearing that makes one look like a turtle . I thought well hon, your intention for today was to see the people and head the Dalai Lama’s words “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

So. when pleaded with me to let him buy me a drink, I said, “Instead of buying me a drink turn around throw you hands in the air and dance over there and let yourself love being here. You are not going to get what you want from me.” He just kept staring at me and said you are a nice person, I need to dance with you and buy you a drink.” So I took his hands and I threw them up in the air and said, “Dance. DANCE! I don’t want a drink. I am not going to dance WITH you. I am going to dance here and enjoy myself. Try it.” He said, ok, but will you be my friend? I feel alone here.” I told him I’d be his friend and that my friendship was going to include me walking away to dance with my friend while he put his drink down and just danced without trying to pick up any girls. He looked like he was going to cry. But, he smiled and actually laughed. But, then said you are not going to dance with me????????? I hugged him, said nope, but I like you enough to tell you that if you enjoy yourself someone else will dance with you and I walked away. I don’t know if he danced, but he didn’t follow me. And I danced.

and my goooodness if this does not get you dancing…i dunnnnno

see the people. ❤


~ by asmallfryup on September 12, 2011.

4 Responses to “Dub Mission & I want you to want me”

  1. had to click on this link from FB cuz i’m a dub mish’n regular and was thinking of going last night, but had NO ONE to go with and didn’t want to be fending the lurkers off by myself all night. had i known YOU would be there i would have traversed the length of the city to get my dance on witchu!! by the way, i totally know that guy, and he preys upon the good-hearted females who show him any kindness. i did the same thing and he wouldn’t leave me alone for weeks. that’s when i request for sep to play snow’s “dance alone”

    • Wish you had been there! Next time – I would love love love to go with you!! And, yes I have seen him before, and many hims! Usually I just tuen around and say go away. I am not going to dance with you ever in a million lifetimes. But, last night I was too happy to leave it at that. And, he did not dance near me again!

  2. That is a great story, Megan. I find that creepy energy so hard to deal with. I admire your coming forward toward him instead of running away (my impulse, every time). You gave him some good yoga and a good lesson in the ladies. 🙂

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