hard times and empathy continued…

Indiscriminate shooting.

Yesterday I posted: hard times, empathy & the salt of the earth… … here the story and thoughts continue.

The demonstration I stumbled upon late Friday night in response to the shooting of a 19 year old man by SF police for fare evasion on MUNI was a heart felt response by folks to a shooting by the police of a young black man and to the recent occurrences of police shootings locally and the growing feeling of living in an us/them state.

Turns out the young man the police fatally shot after a foot chase, in which, the officers were shot at by the young man, was recently released on parole in Washington state for a sex offense and was sought for questioning in the slaying of a 19 year old pregnant woman last week. She and her unborn child victims of being in the wrong place at the wrong time – on a street that where a dispute was intended to be solved by gun fire.

Man slain by SF police was sought in Seattle death
Jaxon Van Derbeken, Chronicle Staff Writer
Monday, July 18, 2011

As life is want to do events have many layers. Which, interestingly at bottom still point to the same thing, so long as we don’t get lost in the layers. Doesn’t mean we don’t address the layers and the pains and injustices at each point. But, we can’t stop at a layer. We need to continue to go deep to the bottom of it and remember that this shit is the symptom of an unconnected world. Where we choose to see others as other and not as humans entitled to the same love and resources as ourselves and our own community. It is the story of race and class in America and around the world.

Does the fact that the young man shot by the police was a sex offender who found it ok to indiscriminately shoot up a street to solve a dispute change the fact that people stand up and say the Police shouldn’t shoot people to solve disputes?

BART Shooting Puts Spotlight on Slow Pace of Reform

The police carry guns. The public carry guns. The public is not safe from gun violence. The police and the government as an institution believe it is ok to solve a dispute with violence and death. The public as an institution believe the same. So, I DO think there should be a protest that SHOUTS. “Don’t shoot. Spend money on schools, healthcare, libraries, art, urban farming, family planning in every neighborhood equally…” It comes back again to empathy.

Why a lack of empathy is the root of all evil

From casual violence to genocide, acts of cruelty can be traced back to how the perpetrator identifies with other people, argues psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen. Is he right?

Check here for a pod cast of Simon Baron-Cohen talking on Philosophy Talk about his theory on empathy and evil.

musical thoughts gone here…<3 ya! ~m

Steve Earle – Tom Ames Prayer

K'naan – Somailia


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