hard times, empathy & the salt of the earth…

Lets start with some Baby Huey.
“Having Hard Times in this Crazy Town. There’s no love to be found….eating Spam and Oreos…”

Lately I have been thinking hard on the hardness of times. Last night walking home I ran into a mostly peaceful, but angry demonstration in response to the Police shooting of a 19 year old boy from Bay View for fare jumping on the MUNI. This is the second shooting by the police involving mass transit in this city in the last month.

Times are hard. People don’t have resources. The budget cuts are going to make that even more apparent. The talk of training officers to deal with people as fellow human beings is great…but, isn’t there something so vomit inducingly nasty there….I mean come on. The police are the people. Just like the government is. Just like rich people and poor people. Check it out. All people. Crazy huh. Some people are clean and easy. Some folks follow the rules, some folks break ’em, most folks make their own and break them and expect other people to follow the ones they make, but don’t follow…we all do that. The problem is some folks have might and not empathy….and where there is a lack of empathy, there is harm. Because without empathy we don’t care what happens to the person or community of people because their pain or happiness doesn’t matter. Lack of empathy is cold shit. If there is evil, that’d be it …. truly not caring about the other.

Jeremy Rifkin on Empathy!

“we are actually soft wired to experience another plight as though we are experiencing it ourselves”

Which brings me to ‘the salt of the earth‘. I love that expression. Salt is epic. It is flavor. It has been fought over, used as money…it is so simple it unites flavors and brings them to life…really we are all the common foot soldier, nothing without each other and community…we all have it in us to bring out the flavor of the other. Empathy.

It is a Rolling Stones song. The seal on the awesome album Beggar’s Banquet…

Bettye LaVette does it too…and lawdy goodness she does…

and so does Johnny Adams…and I gotta say this one is my favorite…



~ by asmallfryup on July 17, 2011.

3 Responses to “hard times, empathy & the salt of the earth…”

  1. megan, you are neato mosquito. thank you for your beautiful blogs. erin

  2. […] I posted: hard times, empathy & the salt of the earth… … here the story and thoughts […]

  3. thanks erin! xo

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