“No rights, no wrongs, just lessons…” – Ise Lyfe

A few years back I went to see a Coup show at the Independent and Ise Lyfe opened up for them. I was totally impressed by his live performance and hadn’t seen him live again till tonight! And – Bay Area you have got two more weeks to go see Oakland’s own Ise Lyfe’s Pistols and Prayers. It is a non stop journey into his head and heart. It is candid talk about race, love, family, politics and the stuff of life. He is joined in his story telling by the masterful musicians Destiny Muhammad, EJ Youngblood and Durell “DC” Coleman. I took my son. We were two of the 7 people in the theatre! (thank you 4th of July weekend for creating such an intimate show!) It was long, it was intense and some of it was over his head, but when I asked him if he liked it, he answered faster than I could finish the question, “YES! that was amazing.” When he was asked on camera what he thought he said, “Ise Lyfe is a poet.” Truth. Go see this Bay Area.

“No rights, no wrongs, just lessons…” – that is what it says on Ise Lyfe’s about me part of his webpage. There are always lessons. If we are open to taking responsibility for and for forgiving ourselves and others for the hurts and injustices we both do and receive – then yes there are no rights or wrongs just lessons. But, that statement only matters if we learn the lessons, take responsibility for what we have learned and act upon it. In my not so humble opinion that is where things break down…the hey we are now enlightened – women get to wear pants and there is black president syndrome is heavy in the air. Yes, those things are true, but women still don’t receive equal pay for equal work, are not compensated for the toughest most important non-paying job of mothering, we are still called bitches and judged by our asses and faces – and yes, there is a black man in the white house, but white people still own the house and make the rules of the game … Just because things are written down and learned….doesn’t always mean the lesson got through. You gotta own the lessons to get out of the wrongs and into right action.

Thank you Ise Lyfe for the reminder and the humor and for deepening my kid’s love of the poetry in life.

Bad Word Bounce

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~ by asmallfryup on July 2, 2011.

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