foolish sages

Liven’ and learnin’ from fools and from sages, often noting they are one in the same, but NOT always. I have also noticed that growing older, ‘looking in the mirror at these lines on my face gettin’ clearer‘ I am more apt to be both a fool and sage at any given moment. And, of this I am proud. Somehow it means I am still learning…

Below are some of the various and sundry things that sparked my heart to learn new things this week…

1. (Learned from the 9 year old sage I birthed, but is the one who rebirths me on the daily.) Slamming doors does not help people let you know why they are upset with you, it only makes thier scabs fall off. p.s. I was the one who slammed the door.

2. It is ok to admit that you wash yours and your kid’s underpants in the shower when you finally get to shower and before you have time to do the laundry. Clean drawers are more important that inane facts about your slacker mom habits.

ummm in case you didn’t click the link…watch this. sage ass advice in plain speak.

3. It is okay to be a Yoga Teacher and have a drink. Now, I have always thought this was not a problem. Often seeing my students out on the dance floor of life. I love beer. I love whiskey. And, I believe very much in the power of honoring in moderation (and even sometimes falling off the deep end of that honor) the sensual joys of this life. With the grounding catch that you are to honor this life by living in it consciously and compassionately which is rather hard to do if you are D R U N K or stoned on the regular….and, I found out I am not alone in this belief…

I love this woman. Her blog is awesome. This entry no exception.

4. Random people are awesome at waking you up outta your head. I was walking down the street when this sage fool with a cigarette sticking out of his left ear reared his shopping cart at me like bucking bronco and shouted “The sun is shining! Have a nice day beautiful.” Thanks You too!

5. Love can pack a wallop and produce the most beautiful songs teaching us things we don’t always want to know.

6. This is some awesome Arabic Dub from the Zeb-The spy from Cairo celebrating the spirit of the people of Egypt.

As that spirit fills the folks of Greece may it move forth with Peace bringing light to the world of big wigs making decisions of austerity for folks with lives already austere!

7. The folks trying to set sail to Gaza are an inspiration of people power. I wish you peace.
U.S. Ship in Freedom Flotilla Attempts to Leave Greece For Gaza, Despite Threats and Risk of Sabotage.

And, those are some of the things I have learned how to be more human from….only some.
till next time.
with love


~ by asmallfryup on July 1, 2011.

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