The Impossible Dreams of Father’s Day & and RIP Big Man Clarence Clemmons….

And the world will be better for this….

Happy Father’s Day.

Charles M. Blow’s editorial remembering his father. beautiful piece.

When I was a kid my Dad, who has a most wonderful singing voice, used to lead my mom, brother and I in family sing-a-longs….much to his loving eyes and pained ears chagrin… we sang deep uplifting favorites like:

The Impossible Dream from the Man from La Mancha…listen. It is a beautiful song. The lyrics and yearning of the tune have been ingrained in my cells ….

I always thought…ahhhah right! ‘girl, there is your fairness complex, your always go for the underdog, fight for that untenable justice and you make sure to take the hard ass road there problem….traits I gathered from my father, BUT, I am not sure I was hearing too well…perhaps only listening to the sounds… I have been leaning ah-hah moment by ah-hah moment that I missed something in the lessons of being my father’s daughter – that the suffering along the hard ass road is overrated……the road can be hard, but holding onto that suffering along the way for any reason other than good stories and character building is optional…ummmm I hear ya’ now Pops. Thank you! You are an inspiration.

It was listening to another of my Pop’s favorites – Roy Orbison’s Running Scared this morning that plunked that understanding down into my heart…suffering or hope…which one will you choose….
this clip includes Sean Penn reading Bob Dylan’s words on the immortal Roy. Truth in those words..

On another note…
Clarence Clemmons, the big man with the big saxophone, has left these shores.

Rest In Peace Big Man…and thank you!!!!

love and impossible dreams…


~ by asmallfryup on June 19, 2011.

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