The Upsetter

Go see this!

The Upsetter

If you are in SF you can still see it at the Red Vic in the Haight till Monday May 16th. Don’t sleep on it. Go!

If you listen to music at all you hear the influence of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. This country boy from rural Jamaica named by his mama, Rainford Hugh Perry more than 70 years ago changed the sound of music forever. He has blessed the world with Reggae, with Dub, with Sampling and going out into the nether reaches of the whoknows where to remind us all to upset the order and be true the music in our hearts.

I first heard and fell in love with his influence sometime back when the 70’s were becoming the 80’s and the Clash’s first album The Clash was played for me by the young guys working on my parent’s house. Joe Strummer was my first Rock and Roll crush and That album changed my life! Lee Scratch Perry produced the song Complete Control and it rocks…one of the best straight out rockin’ punk songs ever – lyrically and musically! The influence of the music he was putting out in Jamaica was all over the albums to come – The mix of dub and punk, slow and fast, lazy soft slurrs of sound lurking out in space mixed with the force of working class in your face lyrics and guitars. Yes!!!!!!

Bob Marley’s Punky Reggae Party is a celebration of these two sounds…late 70’s British punk and Reggae…and so is Super Black Market Clash (OMG i love that album – ummm i loaned it someone…someone please return it – i miss it so!!!!) Robber Dub

Back to the Movie! You must see the Movie – The Upsetter – chronicles the 70 odd years of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s life in his own rambling, prophetic, crazyass, inspirational UPSETTER words. He most awesomely is one of the most inspirational and creative individuals roaming this planet. That man is truly a ONE.

Well, it come like this. A man lie amongst us – his name is the Upsetter. He upsets everything. So I call myself that as the music makes things better. It’s a word from a song – I have an Upsetter record but it doesn’t upset anybody. It want to change things, to make things better, to what we know it should be. I make the song but I don’t want to upset anyone. I just want to take the evil and take it away. That’s how that come. I am in the groove, I am the upsetter; but I don’t want to hurt anyone. ~Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry

And, he has new album out – celebrating turning 75 years young and another re-birth Rise Again….It is some good stuff.

Why People Funny Boy

Disco Devil with Max Romeo

May we all care enough about the world and love enough to be an Upsetter…breaking down the evil and up setting the good and bright and beautiful. True Heart.

Thank you Mr. Perry. Blessings.


~ by asmallfryup on May 15, 2011.

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