at the intesection of art and life…the yelling cookie vendor, things i seen and faces i can make.

Today was a day of places and faces around the town. Mostly I just stared at them. And they stared back. I ate lunch downtown amidst the office working folk feeling a bit like a Hobbit far from the Shire in my 27 layers of yoga wear mixmatched with my Versace sunglasses. But, I was warm and the Sun didn’t scald my eyes. Practicality is the mother of my fashion.

After my small overly priced lunch of Thai Chicken Cocunut Lemon Grass Soup I went to Specialty’s to get a cookie…not just any cookie, but the infamous chocolate chip wheat germ oatmeal i am gonna sit in your belly all day cookie. While I was waiting in line daydreaming about my cookie (which if you didn’t float over that link I will alert you to this again – you can sign up to be alerted when the cookies come out of the oven in a location closest to you…not okay, I signed up….go click sign up) I overheard a Mom tell her all growed up taller than herself son that he was lucky he was not one of those kids who just snapped his fingers and Mom came running and did it all for him. Then she bought him a cookie. I love Mom’s – always walking the line between being available and doing it all. I wonder how well I walk that line. I wonder.

Whhhoooop Kablam, then there was some guy was yelling at me, “Hey, you, next customer lady YOU! order HERE!!!!” I went over to him and he started yelling louder, “I have a migraine I have a migraine what do you want.” I ordered my cookie very quietly. He apologized and sold it to me for half price – saying, “geeez I am sorry, that was so mean of me, you just want a cookie and I am yelling at you like it is not my job to give you one.” I thanked him, wished him relief from his migraine and left with my cookie

Just some things I saw today walking the streets of San Francisco – where art is life and life is art and some faces I made with my face where life if art and art is face making.

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And, the very best Where Life is Art and Art is Life – this guy lives there. Amazing. Delvin kenobe Leake- thank you.


~ by asmallfryup on May 11, 2011.

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