i’ll take a potato chip and eat it!

Hi my name is Megan. I love potato chips. I am in no way ashamed of this. They are spectacular. I know they are not good for me, or anyone. But, I consider them an important staple to my health and well being, and that is good for me and consequently good for those around me. It is important to stand up for the things we love. Even the little things. Little things are important. And, starting small is good practice for standing up for things like equal rights for all people, environmental justice, quality education, and bad jokes. All these things make the world a better place.

I lived in England for a few years and I felt there I had found my tribe. Good god they love their crisps. So many unimaginable flavours, amazingly creative culinarily with artificial flavours those gits are…steak&onion, ready salted, roast chicken, pickled onion, my fav…prawn cocktail and good old tomato katsup….and now you can vote on some new flavours that are out of control…go here…see for yourself….Australian bbq kangaroo – is that okay….walker’s flavour cup

Right now I am drinking a pint and eating from a big bag of Utz Potato Chips…. I am drinking out the bottle and eating out of the bag. As one should when faced with a large bag of chips and and ice cold brew. It might be this heady combination that has led me to embrace and play this over and over. And, sing along.

Here are two stories of the birth of potato chips in good old Saratoga Springs New York! I am partial to the story of Catherine Speck Wicks accidentally dropping slices of potato into hot fat she was preparing for a batch of doughnuts. The potatos getting fished out, tasted placed on the menu as crispy Saratoga Chips. Thus melding together two bits of culinary ambrosia doughnuts and potato chips forever!

Me and my chips.

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and lastly these guys.
they love potatoes – and so should you.

eat your chips.



~ by asmallfryup on May 7, 2011.

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