for crying out loud

Sometimes you stumble upon someonelses moment and it is just right.

It opens you up to all the stuff floating around in your own insides that have not yet found their way to expression, exoneration or been dragged out in a painful exorcism! As a Yoga teacher I use the physical shapes (asanas) and movement of practice to bring me into contact and awareness of all those things inside…but, sometimes it is the sound of another’s voice singing words that could be your own or really often it is not even the words, but the vibration of emotion of the sound. And then the moment of wonderus wonderusness…crying out loud.

(p.s. if sounds and movement and opening up the insides sounds good to you check here and join me for some yoga!)

Thank you pitacatarsis on soundcloud for sharing your moments. (p.s. check them out….)


Or maybe your own emotional flail is liberated with just right moment on the dancefloor when everything vanishes and it is just you and beat and and the bass and boom. And that is just just just so right.

like oh my goodness this – well at the end of the night when everything all slows down and stuff and the world is drank and sweaty…
i just can’t help it! damn funk ed lil’ scrappy….

get your moment on.
many places so many choices…here’s just two…

ride your bike…sf bike party style then

bikes & beats
friday 5/6
public works sf 10pm
even the wall street journal likes it

low end theory may 6th som bar sf



~ by asmallfryup on May 6, 2011.

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