assumptions & lemmy unplugged

Assumptions can lead to putting your foot in your mouth, and worse stuff like murder, racism, heartbreak..etc…sometimes they lead to wonderful moments of loving people. And, lawdygreenjeans we need some of that these days.

So, I was riding my bike down the street the other day and stopped at a light. I heard some Metallica blaring loud outta a car stereo. I like Metallica (but, for the record…I love MOTORHEAD so much more!) So I turn to look and see the proverbial little old man in a hat with glasses!

My first thought was he can’t hear that…must have forgotten his hearing aid….but, he was bangin’ his head! Rock on Forever.
Thank you sir for reminding me to check my assumptions at the door and to rawck on forever!xo

unplugged lemmy

rockin on the slow path ❤


~ by asmallfryup on April 29, 2011.

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