donuts and the lessons of the sidewalk.

Today I had one dollar and twenty five cents left in my wallet. (After feeding my kid healthy food.) I bought a donut. From my favorite donut place Grand Mission Donuts & Bakery at 18th and Mission.

Custard Cream inside. Chocolate on the outside.

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This little act of indulgence made my day. As I took the first bite of lovely custard filled fluffy goodess a scragglehaired small purple lensed sunglass wearing man stuck his face into mine and said, “your beauty makes this day all the more glorious.” This would have added to the indulgence of my donut had he not then said even closer to my face, “I need to have your phone number.” (um…no you don’t and stay away from my donut dude.) The rest of my walk home was nicely uneventful.

Moving on.

My heart is outsidey. Meaning…when we live like our hearts are outside our bodies as well as inside we are more sensitive to those around us…which brought me to some words by Martha Graham: “Misery is a communicable disease.” Don’t catch it, don’t spread it…eat donuts, get sugared up and love somebody…

love somebody

love somebody

love love love

heart ya



~ by asmallfryup on April 27, 2011.

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