everytime i go to town

Everytime I go downtown I realise other folks have money to spend…the corporations for example…like B of A…and they don’t pay taxes..

US Uncut San Francisco goes to B of A YEAH !

Somehow, that brought me to this thought, this song and this photo…(well the one’s down below)
When I was a kid we would sing songs in the car. I get terribly carsick, just have to get in the car and it starts…the songs sometimes help to keep my mind off the queasies. One of them went like this:

“everytime i go to town somebody kicks my dog around.”
and then we would make up the words…i never thought it was really a song, just something my dad had picked up from this ramblin’ wanderin’ hobo kinda guy, who in my memory is called jack…

But, whacknabbit! it is really a song…well i found the lyrics and i found the chords…but, i didn’t find nooooobody brave enough to sing it. I do think we should sing it, no more getting kicked around downtown!

It goes like this:

Every time I go downtown,
Somebody kicks my dog around.
Makes no difference if he’s a hound,
You gotta quit kicking my dog around.

Me and Lem Briggs and old Bill Brown
Took a load of corn to town.
Old Jim Dog the ornery old cuss,
He just naturally follered us.

As we drift past John’s the store,
A passle of yaps come out the door.
Jim he scooted behind a box,
With all them fellers a-throwin’ rocks.

They tied a can to old Jim’s tail,
And run him past the county jail.
That just naturally made us sore,
Lem he cussed and Bill he swore.

Me and Lem Briggs and old Bill Brown
Lost no time a gettin’ down,
Rubbed them fellers on the ground
For kicking my old Jim Dog around.

Jim seen his duty there and then,
He lit into them gentlemen.
He shure mussed up the courthouse square,
With rags and meat and hide and hair.

Every time I go downtown,
Somebody kicks my dog around.
Makes no difference if he’s a hound,
You gotta quit kicking my dog around.

then i saw this the other day.
and it is just true. as true can be.

be brave. sing out. and don’t kick dogs.


~ by asmallfryup on April 22, 2011.

4 Responses to “everytime i go to town”

  1. It was so nice to finally meet you last night! Rick speaks so very highly of you. Maybe the Sugar Shakers can work up a quick version of this song and sing it for you sometime!

    I write the Sunday recipe post at Dog Island Farm. This week I am writing about my hellacious work schedule, and about sourdough pancakes.

    Thanks again for speaking last night, and introducing us to your blog. I love it!

    • thanks jessa!!! was so great to meet you too! i would be so honored to hear the sugar shakers sing that song…it was always rolled out straight from 7 bawdy songs and back room ballads and that train flushing ditty ann sang….maybe there is a medley there waiting to be made!

  2. You gotta Quit Kickin’ my Dog Around really is a song. Best version is by Buffy Saint Marie. Several other versions on Amazon music by Dean Rathje (Banty Rooster Blues) and Leroy Troy (Doggone Country) . Thanks for printing the lyrics

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