some things i have learned…

In the 9 plus years I have been the mother of one red headed child I have learned a few things. I consider these things I have learned to be both monumentally important and incredibly obviously inane and mundane. Which in, and of itself, is one of the beauties of partenthood. Each and every moment is important even when it is mundane, so much so you could drive yourself into perpetual fearful woe – if you did not at the same time know two very important things:
1. It is not that important, there will be another moment.
2. Your children no matter what you do will talk about you badly at some point, blame you for their personality short comings and find a therapist and ask you to pay…as well as at some point love you for the things you think you did bad and hate you for things you think you did good.

So that said these are the most important things I have learned so far.

1. I love my son. He is awesome.

2. I love my son. He shows me on the daily all the things I don’t know how to handle well, which is good because I keep getting a chance to perfect my poor handling. And, we both have eternal hope that one day it will all work out for the best, Right.

3. Taking a long breath in followed by an even longer breath out followed by the word “huh” is one of the most important moments for thought a parent can have.

4. This statement is inherently true: “When the going gets tough, the words “oh shit” thought or said slowly provide enough time to come up with an answer which may or may not be the best one.”

I am sure there will be more things I learn along the way. I am excited about that, and I will share them.

Love to you.

I birthed my son to this song ….

groove is in the heart!

and finlay quaye’s album mavrick a strike over and over and over again….


~ by asmallfryup on April 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “some things i have learned…”

  1. I do enjoy your posts!

  2. thanks so much.

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