doing good and beats for japan

Doing good in the world is going to make me a foul mouthed argh saying eye patch wearing pirate. Everybody, myself included needs some help from somebody else and we are all asking for it. Some with glossy benefits others with gruby hands, manky clothes and needy eyes. I find myself overwhelmed. I am one poor ass single mama, I am on the PTA, I volunteer, I teach yoga class benefits, I decide between my own ability to buy a taco and if the person asking me for money needs it more than me. So yes, I do good in the world. But, it is not sustainable – for me or for any of the folks. Giving money, giving time…it is all giving and giving is good. And, lawd knows we need the getting that giving gives shared all around.

BUT THAT IS THE PROBLEM. There is so much need and there is so much wealth and that wealth is not supporting the need, so the needy support the needy and the rich just stay rich and get richer. Government exists on the backs of poor folks and doesn’t give back more than it needs to to stay in place. And those in need fight each other. I am not gonna link to anything. Just walk down the street and think about it.

Then because it is a good cause, and we need to keep the giving wheels moving, meet your friends spend your money in a good way at Beats for Japan. On the way buy something local and give a taco to a homeless person and then buy some SEE’s candy from me to support my son’s school. Come on you can do it all.
Do good. Share. And think.

Beats for Japan @ Public Works, SF


~ by asmallfryup on April 3, 2011.

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