Walking home today through the lovely Mission District of foggy on the verge of rain or sun San Francisco I found the corners populated by yelling Christians. When I see these people I wonder many things – among those things are:
1. Did Jesus yell?
2. Did Mary yell at Jesus?
3. Do they know that yelling is a turn off?
4. Do they care that yelling really loud while the veins put out on their necks and foreheads and spit flys from their lips makes them aesthetically unappealing?
5. Do they know that all the yelling makes their voices so hoarse that you cannot understand what they say?
6. Do they know that I am an unbaptized yoga teacher who was most certainly a North African Pirate Moor in a past life and that I will be a Jew in the next?

This is the face I make when I see and hear them.

This is the face I make when I see the spit coming.

I do not talk to them. I just feel bad for them. I can’t imagine they have many friends. I hope that Jesus loves them.

Love. I like love. I saw a film last night by Nitin Shawhney called The Tree of Life. It was 10 minites long and about love and life in Gaza. It was beautiful. I have tried to find it out there on the internets. But I can’t!!!!! I saw the film at ATA on Valencia Street with too few people at a show called of Re-Imagining Gaza. Many of the films came from this project called Voices Beyond Walls – which is a pretty amazing project that helps gives Palestinian Kids the tools and skills to create stories in Film – moving and still.

love. homelands.

yours truly,


~ by asmallfryup on March 26, 2011.

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