when your thinky gets thinky…

I am both a Yoga teacher and grew up around the corner from Yogi Berra, which I believe gives me more potential than others to coin Yogi-isms. Today I toss you this one: “Don’t let your thinky get too thinky.”

The only thing that happens when your think starts thinking is you play your game like the Bad News Bears. And if your lucky you come off as endearing as Walter Mathau.

The only thing I have ever found that can cure one from the plight of thinky on thinky is a dose of white chestnut flower essence and to sing this song out loud without shame. The without shame part is important because it will get stuck in your head, and then you will be singing it out loud. But, I guarantee your thinky will be all thunk out.
Do it.
You will not regret it.

Though, there are moments when being thinky is a benefit to self and others. Here is one of those moments.

BEYOND MANNING UP: An NYC Paramedic Speaks Out About Men’s Violence Against Women | Racialicious -.

stay in the light,


~ by asmallfryup on March 21, 2011.

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