knob creek wins, close talkin not so much & peace is the only call to which i roll…

Last night I went out for a two dollar beer with my girl to blab it up and talk it down and laugh a lot. All that got accomplished. And, I was home before midnight, and I don’t have a hangover. Thank you.

Thanks Laszlo for your till 9pm happy hour… we drank our two buck pilsners to some sweet mixes by Felix The Dog. I like anyone who can find a reason to mix in the fabulous Johnny Cash and keep your fingers tappin’ the bottle and head boppin’ whilst still talkin’. (And, a full well stocked bar!)

When happy hour ended we moved on to some ‘real drinks’….Fernet and Knob Creek respectively. A close talkin’ well meaning short ponytailed white whiskey (that is moooooonshine) drinkin’ guy offered up a challenge to our taste buds….for me he bought a shot of Bullet and for my comrade a shot of Averna. And he had us try the white whiskey. Whoa! That is strong whallop your head and then make you ask for more strong. I declined a shot…tasted like t r o u b l e and bad choices. (rational was i can do those things well enough without the help of some expensive moonshine!)

Verdict was….I like like Knob Creek with its peppery firey smoothness more than Bullet…like the name implies a little too aggressive on my pallet and throat. I liked the Avenra better than Fernet…smoother and a little sweeter…but, shhhhhh it is most likely somehow bad to admit…but really truth be told…I heart me some sweet vermouth on the rocks with a big twist of lemon. I was born to be 80 perhaps.

slight digression…
or 70 like the dame…watch…the whole thing….yeah…light my fire…to always be so in love with life…

Verdict number two…hmmm. Now, I don’t like to diss no folks. I try to make a point of dissing as constructive anecdote done in the spirit of love. So…verdict number two…it is not such a hot idea to close talk, wear your hair in a little pony tail and talk about the compliments you get on giving pap smears and rectal exams after buying two gals shots…….it was kinda like a lotta information….just saying.

Verdict number three…Mr. Pony tail man. You were kind and funny and really made us laugh (in a with ya’ kinda way). Thank you. And, truth…you are right, it probably is a good idea not to have your medical practice in the city you drink in.

Here’s to little practical truths to live by. Bottoms up.

and a little peace in the soul…roll roll roll!


~ by asmallfryup on March 5, 2011.

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