questions and answers from superfreak to gold to football players with small heads.

My son is nine.
He was looking at the cover of Rick James’ Album ‘Street Songs’ as it was playing on the turntable and asked is that person a boy or a girl? They have braids and boots like a girl would wear, but a mustache and look like a boy.

I told him Rick James was a Man. He just looked at cover and said, ‘I like his music.’

Next, I was asked. “Is real gold heavy?” I answered, “yes.” He thinks for a moment, big blues a little squinted….and comes up with…”If I had a lot of money I would not buy real gold, it would just weigh me down and I would not be as fast, and spending all your money on luxuries like gold is not such a good idea because once you wear them you’d get tired of them and since you wore it you would not be able to send it back, and that would just be a waste….[very short pause]…mama, football players with small heads have to deal with their helmets being too big and wobbling all around don’t they.?”

I answered, “I like gold. I’d buy a little if I had some extra money. And, as for the football players, helmets come in multiple sizes, lets hope they can always find one that fits.”

And, I laughed. A lot.

Rick James

don’t give up. and don’t let the gold weigh you down or your helmet be too big.


rick james


~ by asmallfryup on March 2, 2011.

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