johnny cash, lofts & three times you have given a girlfriend an electric blanket as a gift and three times they have broken up with you a week later

The little things are harder than the big things. When it comes to love, parenting, life, cooking…probably everything. You know you look at a whole picture, a forest shall we say filled with trees and it looks like a forest, smells like one and it invites you in…then you get in there and all you see is trees…that’s that metaphor – sometimes metaphors hit so hard they feel like you stubbed your big toe twice…can’t see the forest for the trees…that is how I feel these days. Trapped by evergreens. But, I do know there is a forest out there. Doesn’t really matter all that much why I am walking into trees. Happens to all of us sometimes down on the road.

That’s what friends, and bogs, and whiskey and dancing are for.

Arlene Brown, may I speak my mind with your confidence.

Anyway, I wanted to tell a tale today. One that is true and not too deep, just peopled with people and moments.

Went to see a show at Odd Ball Film and Video (or on FaceBook – that’s got more info) called ‘Till Things Are Brighter: Johnny Cash & Co. But, I didn’t write the address down and had the number wrong in my head. So I saw some kinda filmish looking guys standing outside a place near where I thought it was so I walked up and said I was there for the film. One guy, wearing black framed glasses, fitted jeans and a little hat, told me to go on in and upstairs. So I did. I found myself in a beautiful loft peopled by two stoned guys playing instruments and singing. I asked them where the movie was and they pointed me towards and door and said go that way. So I did. I found myself in a very clean nicely appointed kitchen dining room with bedrooms and and bathroom off of it. No other people in sight. So I kept walking (it was a big loft!) and got to a door, opened it and went down some stairs and found myself in the back by the garbage cans…no movie. I went back upstairs, said hi to the guys, they said maybe go down the stairs I came up. So I did, and I saw the glasses hat guy pushing a motorcycle into the garage and asked him were the movie was. He said, “oh movie. that is across the street, up those stairs.”

I crossed the street, climbed the stairs and was let into Odd Ball Film Archive. Found my friends, sat on a old sofa and froze while watching some creepy creepy editions of Ranch Party with the Collins Kids and Bonnie Guitar (i liked her…she had this totally unsexy sexy thing happening. I say creepy because they all smile these weird smiles as they sing sad sad songs that you know they go home and drink and sing without smiles.

Then we got to watch the ‘Fabulous Johnny Cash’ on Star Route. It was worth every moment of cold in that room. Here are a few from the show.

When we left the film we were headed for a hot chocolate warm up…but I forgot my keys in the room so I ran back as my friends went ahead. After getting the keys I was walking i front of two guys, one called out to me asking for my opinion. He wanted to know what I would do if my boyfriend gave me an electric blanket as a gift. After pushing aside the thoughts about not having a boyfriend anymore…I said, well – I’d rather a hot water bottle or a snuggle from the boyfriend. He said something like, ‘precisely, and turned to his friend and said, see – you do not give girls electric blankets as gifts – there is a correlation – three times you have given a girlfriend an electric blanket as a gift and three times they have broken up with you a week later.’ The other guy just shrugged. I walked on to my bike. When I got there to unlock it I found someone had inadvertently locked their bike to mine…but, before i could get out the uck in fuck the owner of the bike appeared and said, oh my I am so sorry, good thing I am here right now.
Good Thing.
Good Things…


~ by asmallfryup on February 27, 2011.

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