lets talk about malt balls, prince, ice cream at the corner store & peanutbutter wolf.

Instead of cleaning my house. As I really should because it is a mess. Sigh. I will gush about malt balls. CHOCOLATE COVERED MALT BALLS. You bite through the thick chocolate, which almost makes you cough, and your teeth hit that hard crunchy malty stuff that sticks to your tongue and it is like sweet air till you hit the chocolate again. Oooh I love malt balls, chocolate covered malt balls. Not ones with peanut butter, not at all (peanut butter wolf..that’s another story.) It is both the chocolate and the crunchy malt stuff that I love. I believe whole heartedly that malt balls are a tonic for the soul and balm for the heart. They may also put a few ounces on one’s booty, which in my case is a good thing.

Whoppers are ok. Maltesers are a step above – because British candy is better than American candy in general and in this case in specific. And, check this out…how are Maltesers made – ever wonder…now you can know. Really click that link you won’t regret it, and you might laugh.

But, really the Sunrise one’s with too too tooo much chocolate coating on the outside that you get the in bulk bins…those are the MOTHERBLIPPPERS. And, they are Kosher. Truth. Make’s em even better, especially if you roll them in Kosher Salt and have them with some good Kentucky Bourbon…..oh yeah.

Malt balls are like this song when you are blue inside, but do not ever let anyone let you eat a malt ball covered in carob. Just don’t. It will not have the same effect.

Prince. I wonder if he likes malt balls. I hope he does.
Found this blog the other day and you should check it out.
Funk It
He has some need to hear Prince on that one.

I think malt must be soul soothing. It is used to make so many kinds of alcohols…and malt balls, and malted milk and Carnation Malted Milk Ice Cream in those cups that you buy at the corner store and wonder how long they’ve been in the case, or if you are the only one who has ever bought one….

corner store

duck dive eat malt balls and love and listen to peanut butter wolf makes life better….


because after you eat enough malt balls you have to dance.
Peanut Butter Wolf, DâM-FunK at Public Works
Saturday at 9:00pm – February 28 at 1:30am
161 Erie Street, San Francisco….

next time we talk about shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. circus peanuts.


~ by asmallfryup on February 23, 2011.

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