just can’t get enuff sunshine donuts and j dilla

i j u s t can’t seem to get enough…

i just can’t enough
carnitas nachos in the mission
tank tops in february
yoga in sunshine of my living room
chocolate things from alanna @ the bojon gourmet
secret breakfast ice cream from humphry slocombe

food confessions…

In the morning on my way home from my boyfriend’s house I stop to get a doughnut at my very favorite doughnut place in the world – Grand Mission Donuts & Bakery! Yes, really! It is not fancy like Dynamo Donuts, where you can pay $3 or more for a Pear Guinness donut. (p.s did you know you can get a ham sandwich on a maple bacon dynamo donut at Pal’s Take Away in San Francisco – truth.…)

Grand Mission Donuts & Bakery is like a donut heaven on Mission Street between 18th and Sycamore St. Its cheap, its fresh and the chocolate cream donut is to fall down and give the down and out guy seated at the first table a coffee and donut for good. Really. Go there, eat a donut, give away a coffee and donut and put more love into your belly and the world.

and then take a walk in mission sunshine & listen to j dilla…that’s a lovely easy like sunday morning.
donut of the heart

love is



~ by asmallfryup on February 6, 2011.

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