for the love of egyptians & r.l. burnside and

Egyptians! Thank you for waking up the world. For making people see and feel their power. Peace. Power to the people! We need some of that going on here – standing up saying our peace. Loud enmass. Power to love and mass action for changing circumstances with as little bloodshed as can be…now that there is a violent struggle please remember that violence only gives the power back to the strong hand that wielded it in the first place or puts another strong one in its place.

Quiet Acts of Protest on a Noisy Day

There are times when you remember an artist and then the world reopens like the dinosaurs started walking the earth again. That is the case with me and R.L. Burnside. If you have never heard of this man. You need to go and learn yourself steady. Robert Lee Burnside came from the hills of Northern Mississippi and he plays his guitar like a loaded freight train.

I was looking for a Skip James moment this morning. Something like ‘Hard Times Killing Floor Blues.” Click here and listen up. BUT, I ran myself right into R.L. Burnside and the day went right.

Here’s a few. Two all by his lonesome self and one with the formidable help of Lyrics Born.

two songs for the price of one! whhooooot!

peace, love and freedom


~ by asmallfryup on February 2, 2011.

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