givinThanks & johnny on the kick drum

it is so easy to forget to be grateful for all the beauty in your life. to stand there or sit there and look at the shit and stick your face in it and stay there stiffin it till it overtakes all the beauty, love and kindness. i am ever so grateful for the folks in my life, for the laughter and the love and the reminders to be easy and open and see the flowers growing all around. and also grateful for the chance to spread laughter, love and kindness to have eyes open enough to see all the people around and know that i have enough always – which makes it so much easier to give. nuff said. just be thankful and love everybody as much as you can everyday. thank you. ~m xo

william devaughn – original brothers and sisters…

ooh best best best….be thankful. i am thankful for you winston curtis mmmmhhhhmmmm.
winston curtis

different and took me a few times…but i like it…


just cause. this is too good.
MC ZULU & Kush Arora Perform David Last’s “License To Kill” and i think i was there in that there crowd


~ by asmallfryup on November 25, 2010.

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