rain . . . mama you been on my mind . . . rain

i wish i had a fireplace to snuggle up in front of. the rain has landed in san francisco. downpours all day cleaning the shit off the sidewalks, turning people into friendly wierdos ready to say hi and laugh. i think because the rain was not cold. it wasn’t warm. but it was not cold. that is a big difference.

i love rain. i love warm rain and sort of warm rain. it is soothing and filled with potential for quiet surprises and kindness. today my son and i stood in the rain volunteering for a great event in san francisco where a neighborhood gets closed of to cars and buses and most things with motors and folks are free to walk and ride in the streets without fear! whhooooot! – sunday streets. it got rained out early, but before we left for the day – and managed to get wetter than were already were – we went to the tenderloin national forest an d ate homemade pizza cooked in the brick oven in the garden! worth every drop of wetness and the weight of soggy layers!. yes, a few feet of green and love in the midst of the seediest, like an overflavored day old bagel, neighborhood in sf. check it out in real life! http://www.carbonfarm.us/tenderloin.html it is a special place.

my repetitive song disorder today has been nurtured by the rain. i got stuck between bob dylan, leon russell and lcd soundsytem.
bob dylan won out for the afternoon.
mama you been on my mind. one of my favorite songs of all time. and covers usually suck. usually they don’t grab the laid back urgency or the peaceful pull of contradiction of the song. but this random girl….i heart her sweetness and i think she gets in perfect like.

then i found this! whack! so awesome!

then there is joan baez
i always start out not liking it …and then i like it….go figure.

sorry couldn’t find plain old bob doing it. it is the best.
here’s a little bit…


and just to balance it out – leon and lcd

leon does bob dylan

lcd soundsystem goes to the bayou!

go rain!
go giants!


~ by asmallfryup on October 24, 2010.

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