to be hoppless. to have lost all one’s hop. that is a sad state for certain.
i learned that this is a state one can find oneself in today whilst reading a story my son wrote.
he was hoppless when he could not find his father in the store. and as i thought of his sweet round face and those huge blue eyes looking for his dad in a state of despair…i knew that he really was a hoppless kid at that moment. a child with no bounce, no swerve – no hop. it was not a misspelling. no. but, a wonderful new description of an emotional state! it is also the state i have found myself in tonight as i opened the fridge and found it beerless….

my search for what a hoppless song would sound like took me to the skip spence weighted down

beck and his record club buddies do a version on his tribute to skip spence’s album oar – its good, but has a bitta hop…

in celebration of hopps…

that’s all for now.


~ by asmallfryup on October 19, 2010.

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