you and me just ain’t no superstar & lessons learned hard

what we are is what we are…..

alice cooper. thank you for reminding me. there is beauty is who we are.

today i was reminded by a friend that we all learn our lessons hard – but, we can be certain that somewheres out there someone has learned the lesson harder. and you don’t want to be that guy. second to hardest, but not the bam ouch hardest.

when i was about 15 or so i was at a cbgbs hardcore matinee. i remember corrosion of conformity (and they are still around!)was on the bill, but i don’t remember who else. we used to take the bus in from nj, subway down to west 4th st and head over to bleeker and bowery via the shops on 8th street and st. mark’s place. cbgbs was so amazing then – early – mid 80s – filled with punk kids. moving around fast and strong – the music was loud and hard and raunchy. the place was so sweaty. i loved it. bodies, sound and sweat everywhere. on this one particular sunday a skinhead’s fist landed in my face. bam! i went flying. the bouncer guy picked me up, got ice from the bartender and took me outside where he found my friends. brian and his girlfriend kris and their new puppy. i remember there being very stale bagels being thrown around at stiv bators from the dead boys…but don’t take my word on that one…then a fight broke out between the nasty skinkhead who socked me and a metalhead dude. bags, the skin, bit the metalhead dude’s thumb off! fo’ reals. yes. grosser than finding your little brother’s scab collection missing after eating a bowl of raisin bran! i never knew what happened after that…..till i got hooked up with this bit from a documentary….bags, i think was given some hard lessons, don’t know if any learning was done…
watch it!

had to bring it home to nj with a little stienski…the james brown lesson…hard.



~ by asmallfryup on October 15, 2010.

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