stay alive – eat the pinkfloydmochicake with sugar!

musical memories…

i was a hardcore punk kid with a love for the slower more three cord dirty lazy stuff – the kretins, dead boys, a soft spot for RAWK and roll and the new wave…..and an utttt oh gotta keep it quiet faatt ass love of the dirty word back then in then in the rockin’ world of the 70’s n 80’s D I S C O. i heart real DISCO. dance yo bootie to the ground with the funky beats music.

today i am totally grateful for my wider than eclectic ecentric taste in mUsiK! if we could just get rid of celine dion and dave matthews i’d probably love it all. they scare the pants of me.

i remember going over to my friend boris’s house one afternoon with some other rockers to pink floyd, led zep and pizza the afternoon away….hanging there i remember wanting to get the booggie going, break up the meat fest with some funky bass lines….but, death before disco….naw man

have your cake and eat it too baby….

and your sugar and purple dinos….

go get the sun on ya.


~ by asmallfryup on October 9, 2010.

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