beautiful light in san francsico and spanish harlem in brixton

fall in san francisco is such a wonder.

this year it is oozing baseball. the orange fever has overtaken the city. but, wierd – it doesn’t smell like the fall i know – not like apples and pumpkins and cold cheeks hovering over warm hot chocolate at the football game with leaves underfoot. that is east coast fall, old and traditional…here – finally we’ve gotten to the end of summer – languid ‘warm’ days that last just long enough to get outside and then it is dark.

the october sunshine in san francsico brings the most beautiful light. it is the light of movies, where life is both so close and so big, yet too clear to be real. it is soft and kind and warm when in the sun. beautiful time to run into not seen enough friends for coffee outiside shedding layers of clothes and distance. cold enough in the shade to keep the real holding down lest we fall wholly into the dream of the sun. autum by the bay slowly deepens its beautiful talons into your emotions as you gaze out all chilly on its diffuse and tender offerings of subtle change. it is poetic…maybe.

listen. its beautiful.

anyways. the story today is clear light. but, not hard light. things can be clear, but they can be diffuse, tempered, loving – edges weaved into curves.


spanish harlem incident in brixton



~ by asmallfryup on October 8, 2010.

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