lost phone, headstand and joey baron – joey baron man!

louder than a bag of ass cracks. psst click on that one

just had to get that out of the way. i think i may need to find a reason to use that idiom on the daily.

like, i did a headstand for fifteen minutes (count ’em 1 and then 5) the other day and then a backbend that went on for ever and it was louder than a bag of ass cracks – an intense can of yoga whooop ass. meaning, it was intense and loud in my body and brain and i was awake till 3 am! (that is late for me.) but, it was exhilarating a good ol’ karma burning adventure. open up to the new. let go of the old. shout. sometimes letting go is not a subtle process. i cried. and laughed. cracked some windows open. yoga is good for that.

yeah, louder than a bag of ass cracks and more fun that a can of whoop ass
motorhead moterhead allllllright watch out!

moving on.

on my way to work the other day i found an old school flip phone in the middle of the road. i picked it up, spent a long while trying to figure out how to unlock it and text on it…eventually i managed to text the owner of the phone’s girl (i assumed that after reading only one text, but i was correct…). she was in the philippines, and was sweet as honey and that was her name, huny. her guy, also rather sweet came and picked up his phone and was so grateful i thought he would never stop thanking me and shaking my hand. it was nice. nice. really a nice experience all around. got me thinking about connections. and how easy it is to not have them. to just pass by moments because they involve putting yourself into the great unknown. but, those moments where we reach out and touch other peoples lives makes our own so much richer.

love. slow.

which brings me to joey baron. my friend mattyh is a bald jewish drummer just like joey baron. he introduced me to his music a few years back. in this one song wide load the beat is so wide and slow that you don’t think its gonna happen, but it always does. like waiting for your perpetually, habitually just about too late boyfriend…he’ll be there, he will be, just in the nick of time and if you just love it and let be its easy…well, that’s a funny analogy ’cause joey baron’s music is easy and you can’t help but love it….the always late boyfriend is not always that easy. but, one can aspire to find that kind of ease in all things….the easy of a slow steady lazy beat.

check it. sorry i tried to find wide load for you to listen to, but i could not find it. i will keep on looking…but check this.



~ by asmallfryup on October 1, 2010.

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