amp live, the man the motor oil hands and home grown tomatoes

First off.
This is just running around my sound system and it should be on yours.
Now. Loud.
Amp Live
Chick Pop

Second Thing.
That harvest moon was huge.
After a meal of epic laughter, ceviche, al pastor tacos and not enough water I was walking though the Mission en-route to the opening night of the awesome new space in my hood The Public Works. Bit after the hands of the clock struck 10 I rounded the corner of 16th and Harrison still abit giddy from all the laughter brewed from the memories drunken college days … oh my.
A man in Red shirt and large waving hands walks towards me smelling HELLA strong of motor oil. He says, “do you have a napkin?” I burst out laughing. He goes on, “I doused my hands with motor oil.” I looked for a napkin. But, had none. He was straight outta Concord – tan shorts, red shirt, flip flops and shortish-longish blonde hair.
Looking in the window of the car parked in front of us I saw two super sized tissue boxes in the back window. I suggested he see if the door was open. He put his motor oil hands on the door handle saying something about me getting him arrested for leaving greasy finger prints on the car door – breaking in for tissues on a hot Friday night. He laughed full on doubled over belly laughs slapped his leg and yelled out ‘my hands smell like pine sol, its not that bad!’ I said, ‘it is pretty bad I could smell you before I saw you – hope you don’t smoke’ and I started walking. He yelled after me – you got a sense of humor on you. HA!

Insipred I looked up Loverboy on my crackberry and rocked to turn me loose on the way to the club, where I was met by some disco, a lotta lotta girls in short dresses and my son’s afterschool teacher…of course after downing the first beer too fast!

After the show the moon was still loud. Went to the Castro for cake. Was sitting on a bench eating really bad really red red devil cake and drinking peppermint tea, like the PTA mom I am, with a good old friend, when we were addressed by a drunk man wondering about the slant of our sexual orientations. When he learned we were straight he asked rather earnestly if we wouldn’t mind kissing each other for him. We declined. He skipped off and took a photo of a Mama holding a little baby half a block away.

Third thing.

listen! listen! do it it will make you day – promise!



~ by asmallfryup on September 26, 2010.

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