bulgarian ragga, bulgarian biters & stienski

oh my goodness, the sun is shining over san francisco, my house is a mess, but hooooooray! sarah shourd is on her way home from prison in iran (please let josh and shane go too!) i got the little guy to school on time without a fight, the pta deposit has been made, fundraising phone calls logged, meetings set up, been to work and finished that…got some lunch in me and here i sit…listening to music, should be thinking about what i will teach to today in yoga class….but i

stumbled here.

people! not so sure about the judges here. they seem an awful bunch…now, i don’t know so many bulgarians…but i got bit by one in a bar once. was out on the dance floor and this real tall lurchinglurker dude kept dancing way too close. i escaped to the bar where i looked down at the counter and saw two hands there. they both looked like mine, but only one of them was! the other belonged to a man. a rather short stocky guy in very tailored tidy attire. the bald-headed fellow with a gravely but gentle voice, and hands just like mine, informed that he was a high ranking player in the bulgarian mafia. the tall lurker, he noted, had been dancing to close to me, and since he could clearly see from his perch at the bar that i was not pleased by that – his ungainly cousin would be told to stop. i thanked him and said um, hands…. he looked down and noticed how similar our hands were and we talked about our grandmothers and found that they both were lovers of the moon. he bought me a drink. the lurker was given a talking too…but, about 10 min later he bit me! on the neck! i yelled at him and was going to hit him, but was not sure that having identical hands and grandmothers who loved the moon would keep me safe from the slow moving steely eyed bald bulgarian at the bar. so i went to my buddy at the bar to request help. he told me i should have hit him, he was sure i could have taken him down on my own, but that he appreciated my not making a scene. and the tall guy was restrained in a corner for the rest of the night. and that is what i know of bulgarians.

got directed here
how i do very much love this over and over again.

if you live in sf you can check stienski out live next week.



~ by asmallfryup on September 14, 2010.

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