labor day birth & fortune teller

Nine shortlong years ago on the 6th of September my son entered the world. Well, really he had already been here for months growing inside of me. But, on the the 6th of September 12:21 am 2001 he took his first breaths on his own. Amazing. And more than that. Really there are no words that do justice to birth. The birth of your own child. So yours, so their very own.

He was gestated to a constant rotation of Dlyan’s Blood on the Tracks and Black Sabbath’s Sabotage like they were necessary for the air to be breathable. The pickle (as he was dubbed whilst in the belly) was born into a mix of Deee-Lite & Finlay Quaye.

When he was placed on my chest I looked at him and thought wow that is love LOVE big fat breathing love wow how on earth could I have given birth to a boy – as I am a woman. And, very much not male….and wow – he looks like a little old Jamaican man with pale skin, blue eyes and red hair.

Anyway. Now that I have had the pleasure of knowing him for 9 years; I can say his entry into this world was so very him. It happened when he was ready and then it was all business and over with before it began. But, it had one hecka long build up – that must have been my part….Libra mom births a Virgo son.

Today he has ruled the airwaves of our home with the vibrations of The Kretins, a New York Punkish Trio from the 1980s. Thier version of Fortune Teller was the B side of their 45 Mercy of the Lord…..but i couldn’t find it on the interweb! I played it so much back in the day I am surprised the grooves are still there…

Somehow it is fitting that he chose that song to play over and over today. It touches on a moment in my long labor. My water had broken in Whole Foods in front a huge display of grapes. I thought I was well peeing my pants, but eventually I figured out that much liquid couldn’t be pee! I hitched a ride home from the store from a random young first year kindergarten teacher I flagged down – he had upholstered seats…sorry dude – amniotic fluids just keeps on leaking! Later on with my waters drippin, at least 41+ weeks pregnant – me and the papa went a walking through town and this old gypsy lady in a beat up Oldsmobile feet propped up in the open window yells out to me – “honey, you ain’t having THAT baby ANY time soon.” And that was the truth….

rolling stones…..

the mercybeats

the who (like this one best me thinks)

with love to you all on this
happy labor day.
birthday for mama and son.


~ by asmallfryup on September 7, 2010.

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