why oh why there was so much cry about this little blue guy

i rode all around this cold windy foggy toystore stingy city by the bay in search of a replacement for lucky the little blue dinosaur – my young man’s favorite toy. it was not a success. i ended up with a head massager, a mentos fueled rocket thingy, a sushi eraser…but no replacement for lucky.

lucky came into our lives one morning last week on the way to school. we stopped at the local cafe to get hot chocolate and muffins and spotted a little blue rubber stegosaurus on the ground next to the parking meeter where i was about to lock up. the macaroni kid took him in and named him lucky. whilst in his care he played baseball and battleship with the other small, medium and large rubber toys on the living room floor. but, then one day he was packed in a bag with other toys to go to dad’s house…but the toybag fell out of the backpack and onto the playground where it was picked up and taken home by a gal…she was eventually coaxed into returning the toys she found…but, lucky was not there….sadness, grief, sobs…red eyes on a little guy.

when trying to figure out why oh why there was so much cry about this little blue guy – i learned it was because the dino had been lost, but was found by me and loved by him. that simple. and he could not really be replaced…so i suppose that is why i could not find a single small rubber blue dino out there in this city…

to the lost and found
lucinda williams

and just cause you can never get enough cee lo green!



~ by asmallfryup on September 5, 2010.

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