ministry, chali 2na & chicken alphabet soup sans chicken….

the moments when your kid digs though your music and pulls out something and makes it their own is always special and surprising….today it was ministry – effigy….but played sped up like alvin and the gang were singing it….too many, too many too many times…..

(lucky for you – only have to imagine it running on 45rpm!)

while i love that the young man found the album – the experince left me needing some slow low voice – not quite in need of barry white i went for chali 2na!
chali 2na. chali 2na. oh how your voice saved my sanity today!
can’t never get enough of chali 2na!
Before you know it…
Ain’t no where to run…

somehow after the ministry and chali 2na part of the day.
it was dinner time.
was about to put the chicken in the soup…when blech, gross, nasty it smelled so bad coming out the package – rotten! so no chicken in the chicken soup… broccoli, kale, onions, alphabet noodles and chicken broth….but no chicken…

so pigeon john…not chicken john!



~ by asmallfryup on August 29, 2010.

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