caught between the dance floor and the bathtub

sometimes i am caught between the dancefloor and the bathtub.
beats to move the bootie and sad songs to soothe the soul.
shot and beer go so nicely with both.
which one do i need more – that is the eternal question isn’t.
especially in the sorta foggy, sorta sunny can’t make up its mind city of san francisco.
never know which way i am leaning here.
but, isn’t that the real joy of this place by the bay.

i am really liking this. not new…but <3!
wacky contagious like malaria beats from the UK making my foggy san francisco day today.

and a favorite cover of a favorite song.

heart of gold by neil young covered by birds and batteries!


~ by asmallfryup on August 5, 2010.

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