lighten up ezra!

Was cleaning out my place. Honestly, for real – getting rid of books even. That is like tearing out my heart. The old stale corners of my heart. So really, truth be told, they can go. I want them to go, I just would rather someone else did it, then told me they found a good home.

In one book (because you know you have to look through each book, finding the trail of your life the notes, the receipts, the lost checks, phone numbers and love affairs interspersed between someone else’s thoughts and words…) I found this:
written by me back in college days with a drawing of a boy with flower eyes and big lips…

“Ezra threw pennies into the fountain. He always did this in the winter because no water was involved. The penny went straight to the tiled bottom, and there it sat with his wish. With no water involved Ezra knew is wish would never happen, so there was no room for disappointment.”

Reading that made me think of a track from the DJ Shadow Album “The Outsider” – What have I done.

well that was weighty!
gotta lighten up ezra! listen to beck and the gang cover INXS.

Get ridda the old books!


~ by asmallfryup on May 12, 2010.

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