seconds, firsts and always

Had a day of seconds and firsts.

The second first. I made my second omlette. In my whole life till now I have only ever made one. Truth be told that one was a little better, this one was kinda like a taco. Was yummy still – green garlic, potatos and goat cheese on the inside and fluffy but wonderfully folded like a taco eggs on the outside.

The firsts. 1. I sat on and sorta almost stood up on a slackline today. Managed to do a whopper of a fall off spin around the line kind of move without hitting my head! 2. I don’t own many (well really any bras) that would not be classified as a sports bra of some form. This is not a problem for me or my boobs (they are pretty small) – but my boyfriend wanted to get me a real bra….so after not being able to answer the simple question I supose all gals “should” know…I learned there is a formula for knowing what size bra you would wear if you need something that does not come in small, medium or large. To my surprise I am a 34 B! A b. Go figure!

And, not a first or a second – but an always! Patti Smith Rocks. If you didn’t get to hear her on Democracy Now this past week please check it out!

always and forever – just because you know you love it – really. how can you not (and you don’t have to tell anyone – just listen!)


~ by asmallfryup on May 3, 2010.

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