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Really? Really?

Recently I have been completely dismayed by laws put onto state books. In Utah women can be charged for murder if they miscarry – for real – a woman can be charged for murder if she remains in an abusive relationship and somehow that is deemed to have led to a miscarriage. Crazy. How can this even have be! read here and here

And then there is Arizona – as if not to be outdone by the inhumanity of and insanity of Utah by passing a bill that basically makes it legal to racially profile people! oh my!

I think you can call this on the brighter side…Tim Wise has unleashed yet another wonderful ‘quiz’ on racism in these here United States. Asking us to ponder – what if the tea party folks were folks of color instead of white folk? READ IT! Imagine if the Tea Party Was Black.

i have not got jesus – but this is something like best.

gloria spencer!

dorothy morrison!


~ by asmallfryup on April 26, 2010.

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