isis oh isis

eating a fried egg sandwich and listening to dylan’s desire – that massive shining gem of a album (on vinyl – so you have to flip it over) i started thinking.

1. i love this album!

2. eggs should never be fried in unsalted butter.

3. sometimes there are moments when you just know you know something, but you are not ready to know it and allow yourself the ease of less suffering around the pain of it ’cause you are used to it – and hell – it is scary to think you might just not have that problem anymore to glum onto. you just know it really is gonna be ok – might not be your own pretty picture of okay in that special place called ‘if i could have it all my way land’. but there is that lurking knowledge deep inside the gut that keeps knockin’ and sayin’ if you could just let it be as it is you might find you are down with it. but – ain’t that always the nugget – looking at your life with eyes that don’t wear the but-i-want-it-this-way-right-now glasses. cause really really truth to ruth people are not usually out to hurt you or do bad – they are just struggling along making a mess for themselves and you or even doing what they want and leaving you in the lurch with your own fears, insecurities and struggle – because really nobody can make it ok but you. and we can get all caught up in that struggle and kick and scream and shout unfair – or we can get on with what we need to do and let the chips fall and pick up the one’s that matter and instead of pleading pleeeeese pleeese won’t you please just do this this way, i need it this way …. get on with hey let’s do this. just saying it to myself outloud.

4. being a single mama is hard.

5. i love bob dylan – he suffers from the can’t do things the same way twice disease like me.
this version of isis is wonderful!!!!!

6. magnet and gemma hayes version of lay lady lay is addictive.



~ by asmallfryup on April 16, 2010.

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