rain by the bay

It is RAINING in San Francisco, the city by the bay – home of Sly Stone, OJ, The Grateful Dead and Journey – oh Journey. Today’s rain has brought me a longing for Steve Perry and his scraggle mullet and tight jeans. With no sense of hipster irony I invite you to view, sing a long and loose yourself completely like a drunk 18 year old with a karaoke mike.
go on – no one is looking. rock on, and on and on…..

On another front there is some wonderful stuff coming out of Oakland in the voice of Ise Lyfe. I first saw him open for The Coup at the independent a few years back. He was the highlight of a way bad date with a dude that smelled like mothballs tinged with bo and axe spray. Well, he did buy the tickets – so thanks for a great show. The indomitable Pam the Funkstress rocked the wheels of steel with her skills and her boobies and Boots and the Crew laid down some conscious funk – but Ise Lyfe captured my heart. Young man with a heart and mouth of gold. Randomly his brother is the neighbor of a friend and I was blessed to meet him and get handed a cd. It is better than great and it lays it out naked and true and beautiful.

Imagine Peace are an unscripted Public Service Annoucements put out by Bay Area artists talking about their visions of peace – this is Ise Lyfe’s

Lastly, this came to me last night! Thanks MK – it really made my night sweet as the rain fell down outside and I was up working. Check out the mix and enjoy. ❤


~ by asmallfryup on April 12, 2010.

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