beauty united with boundaries

wierdos off a bike!

spent the day in the sunshine surrounded by friends and bicycles & was reminded over and over how bicycles, sunshine and san francisco brings out the weird in folks like no place else. i forgot there was a looming budget crisis poised to destroy what is left of the California public education system. forgot about earthquakes and wars and hate crimes. remembered about love, spontaneous funnies and weirdo close talkers toting guitars exclaiming their boundless love for short women in cowboy boots and sunglasses. was overwhelmed with awe at just how sweet and cute and spectacularly himself my son is.

this day reminded me that we are floating astrologically with saturn in libra…most simply that is where beauty meets boundaries…that big tester and challenger of planet with its desire to build structures will in libra want structures that will build relationships and alliances that are true and beautiful…but, that ain’t easy as saturn’s transit through libra will point out the flaws in our relationships – but, hey that gives us chances to get mo better at it….and today in the sunshine watching people ride and walk and bump and navigate all into and around each other i was thinkin we could build a different kinda world.

a world where beauty met boundries and made structures that worked and were filled with love….a world built on love, kindness, curves and celebration. a world where dead artists released records more often.

jimi hendrix’s valley of neptune…while it doesn’t break new rocks the ground it covers like only jimi can….which reminds me of story from way back when…

i was in the 8th grade back in new jersey. it was the end of the school year and it was a early summer heat wave! we were in history class and i was daydreaming staring out the window and wafting through the open windows came a hendrix style star spangled banner. it was some high school guy cutting school to serenade my friend anna… we’d met him and his pals when we snuck out late at night and hung out in the park….

sunshine daydreamin


~ by asmallfryup on March 15, 2010.

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