high’s n lows

starting with the high…
lay lady lay …. kid cudi
slow and steady. yes, it has caused repetitive song disorder.
high’s n lows

…n ending with the low
march 4th protest…on interstate 88o…friends not fairing to well.
it is an intense video.

thank you for standing up on march 4th and saying no to all the budget cuts to public education headstart through univeristy. we all suffer when there is no money for educating. california already spends the least per child in school in this nation!

now we gotta find a way to get things we say yes to in place. protesting what we don’t like is important, but it is equally important to give energy and time to making things better, even if that comes in small ways…like living your life like all things matter and being conscious of our choices and the impact of our choices. it does matter. everything from the way we birth our babies to the choices we make about transportation, the food we eat and words we say.

these words have been running ’round my brain for a few days now…

If we hope to create
a non-violent world
where respect and kindness
replace fear and hatred…

We must begin with
how we treat each other
at the beginning of life

For that is where
our deepest patters are set

From these roots
grow fear and alienation…
or love and trust.
~ Suzanne Arms

more and more laters on.
tired mama off to bed.
thanks for stopping by.


~ by asmallfryup on March 8, 2010.

One Response to “high’s n lows”

  1. vist dmz’s blog for his account of the march http://dmz2008.wordpress.com/2010/03/10/keeping-it-real-in-cali

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