bears, pudding and twilight…

the rain is a wonderful blanket of a friend. especially when it is somewhere between warm and cold. something about the rain makes me crave moody love songs, tea and scones topped with jam…if i had a moor to walk through with a warm fire waiting in a cozy living room that’d be even better.

on my way to trader joe’s i met this bear.

and he sang me this song.
and i went home and played it on vinyl. and realized i managed to forget a few of the ingredients to make the lovely bojon gourmet’s (vegan!) chocolate coconut milk tapioca pudding…darn.

as the twilight rolled in over this rainy sunday i settled down with a cuppa tea and a book of ghost stories while my little guy read about the mysteries of dragons hot chocolate in hand.

oh twilight i love you…

“But, when it starts to get dark, everything changes….the French phrase for that time of day, for twilight, the brief moment in each day when golden sunlight gives way to red and purple and blue, and the shadows grow long, and darkness is soon at hand, when in the dusk it is difficult to tell the difference between a dog and a wolf. They [the French] call it le temps entre chien et loup – the time between the dog and the wolf, the time of day when all that is natural and familiar and safe changes quickly into the unnatural, the strange, the frightening.” ~ from the ghosts of rowan oak:william faulkner’s ghost stories for children recounted by dean faulkner wells

oh i am so afraid of the dark and i so love ghost stories. boo.



~ by asmallfryup on February 22, 2010.

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